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Christmas Eve – Eve Family Fun Night

by Heather Reynolds

The holidays are such a busy time. It seems like every second of every minute from Christmas Eve morning to Christmas night is scheduled out and filled with family, food, gifts and more food. There is usually so much going on that as parents, we don’t ever have the chance to just sit with our children and enjoy the peace and joy of the season. But this year, here is a fun new tradition that you can start right before the hustle and bustle begins. It’s a great way to destress from all the holiday preparations and enjoy a nice night with your kids right before the Christmas festivities begin!

What You Will Need:

  • Elf on a Shelf (optional)
  • Special Christmas Box
  • New Christmas Pajamas for the Kids
  • Christmas Movie
  • Christmas Book
  • Popcorn
  • Christmas Mugs
  • Hot Chocolate & Marshmallows
  • Cookies & Candy

It all starts with your family’s Elf on a Shelf. If your Elf has been visiting for a few years, you can create your own twist to the story. In our house, the Elf travels back to the North Pole each night so that he can give Santa daily reports about how the kids have been behaving. He sometimes brings a small treat or two throughout the month when they’ve been really good, and of course he gets into some mischief during the nighttime hours…but on the morning of December 23rd, he always brings us a special letter attached to a beautiful Christmas box and places it under the tree. If your family doesn’t have an elf, the special box can come directly from you.

The special box is filled with everything we need for our Christmas Eve – Eve Family Night. The letter from our elf explains which Christmas movie he has chosen for us this year and why it’s important for our family to watch it together. And inside the Christmas box there are always new pajamas, a Christmas book, popcorn, packs of hot chocolate, marshmallows, special Christmas mugs, Christmas cookies, candy canes and any other sweet Christmas treats we enjoy.

After dinner, we put on our new pajamas, make hot chocolate, popcorn and snack trays, and snuggle up as a family to watch the Christmas movie our elf chose for us. When the movie is over, we pile into the car and drive around the neighborhood looking at the beautiful Christmas lights. Finally, it’s time for bed and we close out our Christmas Eve – Eve Family Night by reading our newest Christmas book. We all go to bed relaxed, joyful and ready to celebrate the next morning!

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