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Prosper Football: Setting a New Standard

by Heather Reynolds

By Maggie Hale

The 2019 Prosper Eagle Football team brought the town more than just a football season. This year was the opening of the highly anticipated Children’s Health Stadium at Prosper ISD, and the Rowlett pre-game activities describe just what this year was about. The flyover, and the live Eagle, along with the energy and noise that came with the crowd, will forever go down in history as the first game ever played in the Stadium. That game would end with a 31-7 domination over the Rowlett Eagles.

And with that, the season was off to an iconic start with 5 back-to-back wins: Keller Timber Creek (49-7), Flower Mound (57-34), McKinney High (49-14), and even a 42-0 shut out over Plano East – who the Eagles lost to last year. And then came a tough one. Up until week 6, the Prosper defense had shut out every opponent in the first quarter. Although Prosper came into the game favored to win, Jesuit had a secret weapon. The boys would put up an impressive second half fight but ended up with their first loss on the road 41-14.

The Eagles then came home the following week and got back on track with a 29-3 win over McKinney Boyd. Plano West was no challenge for this team, seeing as they rolled right over them with no debate. Another roadblock would come in week 9, when the Eagles met Allen at our stadium. The entire town of Prosper felt that heartbreaking loss with the boys, but everyone there went home that night knowing those boys came to battle. The following week was senior night. We had already secured our playoff spot, but Plano Senior was going to have to pull out a win for theirs. The seniors played one of their best games of the season, and the entire community said thank you to some of the best players to ever come through Prosper High. A 58-27 win over Plano Senior would be the perfect end to the regular season.

When playoff season began, Wylie became Prosper’s first enemy, and the Eagles showed them no mercy. Prosper accomplished their second shut-out of the season taking the Bi-District Championship with a score of 24-0. Next up was Mesquite at Allen Stadium, and Prosper showed once again that they had come into playoff season ready to win. The resounding 45-18 victory proved this to anyone who was questioning the talent and dedication of our boys. The Area Round Gold Ball was enough to send the boys down to Waco to play the Woodlands for the Regional Semifinal title. The energy that came from McLane Stadium will be a memory forever with these football players. Not only did it show how dedicated our students and fans were, but it proved how much confidence and support were behind this team. They finished strong, played a full 4 quarters, and took the Regional Semifinal title 38-14.

On December 7th, this amazing team saw their season come to an end. The Eagles may have taken a 59-42 loss, but they remained competitive throughout the entire game and fought until the very last second. And although the season has come to a close, it’s not going to be the end of some of these players’ careers. Jake Majors is on way to the University of Texas, while key players such as Josh Graham, Tate Nichols, Hayden Metcalf, JT Lane, and Will Prendergast are bound to be playing at the next level. From the very first game of the season, this program started out with hype, community and heart…and forever set a new standard for Prosper Football.

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