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Life Connected

by Heather Reynolds

By Mayor Sean Terry

Happy New Year Celina! The new year is upon us, and we are extremely excited about what’s ahead for Celina. On behalf of my colleagues on Council and the staff, I’m pleased to extend our sincerest wishes for a great 2020! The new year brings us new opportunities and new challenges, but I know we have the right team in place, both elected officials and staff, to take advantage of the opportunities and meet the challenges.

One thing we’ve learned over the last few years is that Celina residents understand the importance of connectivity. Moving forward as a unified community makes us all better. While we may have different points of view, different preferences, and diverse backgrounds, I can honestly say that we are all united in wanting our City to be successful. We all want a community that includes people who work toward the common good.

That’s the basis for our City’s tagline, “Life Connected.” My personal pledge for 2020 is to ensure that the tagline lives up to its promise of keeping us closely connected and totally engaged in the life of the City. Our staff is as committed to that concept as we are on the City Council. Everyone from the City Manager on down will be working toward our goal of making it a reality. Staff has already begun planning for the special events that have become an important part of our City, more than that, though, conversations are being held about adding new and exciting events and activities for the community to enjoy. These efforts, of course, take lots of work, but because of the importance of citizen engagement in the life of the community, we are committed to listening to your requests and preferences, and putting programs in place that meet them.

In that vein, I personally invite each of you to attend the year’s first Town Hall Meeting, set for January 21 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm at 229 W. Pecan in our Downtown Square. This is a come and go event with plenty of giveaways. At the meeting, we’ll discuss different ways we can further implement our tagline, “Life Connected.” And, since many of our employees will be at the Town Hall Meeting, it will be a perfect time to get to know them.

Finally, we’re very excited about the opening of Fire Station No. 2. It will be operational later this month, housing a crew of five firefighters, serving the west side of the City. The Fire Department will be hosting an Open House there in early February. We’ll make sure to get the word out on the date and time. Again, Happy New Year, Celina!

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