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7 New Year Basics

by Heather Reynolds

By Madison Johnson

Coming into the New Year, there are so many different things to be stressed about. What you are wearing shouldn’t be one of those things. Fashion trends are constantly changing…so having some everyday basics are essential to any woman’s closet. Your closet should be saturated with staple items to support all fashion trends throughout the months. Here are seven of the most needed clothing items that never go out of style!

Quality Denim

Every woman needs two or three pairs of sturdy jeans. Light wash, dark wash, and black jeans are essential to all closets. And investing in a nicer pair of jeans from brands like Hollister or Buckle is strongly suggested. When getting a nicer—more expensive jean, the quality and wear will be much longer than a cheaper pair that will rip and wear out after just a few short years. Investing in a few more high brand jeans will justify that big purchase!

Plain Tee’s

A white t-shirt will never go out of style. Plain and basic t-shirts should always be in your closet. Paired with the newest trendy skirts or your trusty denim jeans, it can always complete an outfit. These basic tops can be styled any way on any day of the week for any occasion. Having multiples of this are a must have!

Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings make a statement without being too loud. The size choice of your hoops are endless and they add a stylish touch to bring your outfit together. Hoops have been in style for decades upon decades and they aren’t going anywhere!  

Leather Jacket

Another good investment to add to your closet, a leather jacket can spice up any outfit. Throw on a brown leather jacket over your basic white t-shirt and your favorite pair of denim. Adding a black leather jacket can add an extra edgy style to your outfit. Although it is another expensive investment, a good leather jacket can last you through the decade and even longer.

Little Black Dress

The classic little black dress. Every woman needs their idea of the perfect black dress in their closet. Finding the perfect dress that flatters your body type will have you wanting to wear this dress to any formal event you attend. Confidence is key when selecting your outfit, and with a slimming black dress it will do just the trick!

Heeled Booties

For an everyday outfit, a pair of black or brown heeled sock booties are the core essential. You can wear heeled booties with any outfit, from casual to dressy, it fits all criteria. Pair them with a silk blouse and a pair of jeans or a turtleneck sweater and a patterned a-line skirt. A pair of booties can complement and blend with any styled outfit.

Structured Blazers

A classic blazer is an item that you can always count on. It can be layered on top to complete an outfit for lunch with your friends or a business meeting. A trendy blazer takes a basic outfit to the next level and adds some character.

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