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Benefits of Hiring a Professional Landscaper

by Heather Reynolds

Should you hire a professional landscaping company? If this is a question that you are asking yourself, then this article may help! You have to weigh the pros and cons, use some common sense and ask yourself some important questions first. 

  1. Is this my first landscaping project?
  2. Am I planning on doing a little area or a big area?
  3. Do I understand such technical things as drainage, pitching and so on?
  4. What kind of plants work best for what I want to do?
  5. Do I understand how plants work together in landscaping?
  6. Do I want just flowers, or flowers and bushes, or flowers and trees, or all of them?
  7. What kind of landscaping would be best for my lifestyle?
  8. How much work and time do I want to put into working in my yard?

There is a lot of information you need to know if you want your landscaping to last a long time. One good rain storm could wash away all your hard work. So, your best bet is to either do some research online or contact your local garden center or local landscaping company. It’s better to go to professionals that make this their life’s work than your local chain stores for this type of information.

If you would like to try some landscaping yourself, it is suggested that you work with a small area first. Do you want a small rock garden, a flower bed or a flowerbed with built up levels? To get the most out of the garden you create, you need to research the type of plants you would like to implement into your garden. Some plants flower all summer long, some only in spring, early summer, late summer or fall. With the correct knowledge, you can arrange your plantings so that you have different colors for their prime part of the season. This keeps your garden exciting and colorful.

You also need to plant flowers in accordance to their height and spread. Some plants grow taller than others, so they do need to be planted accordingly. Some of your plants are groundcover that spread along the ground, so those would most definitely need to planted in the very front of your garden or they would never be seen and probably die because the other taller plants would rob them of much needed sunlight. There really is a lot of pre-planning and research to be done before you start planting.

If you decide to go for a bigger project and have never landscaped before, you really should hire a professional. You might not like spending the money, but if landscaping is not done properly, you could end up with some serious consequences. Some of these consequences could end up costing you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. To give you one of the worst-case scenarios, if you have landscaping done around your house and the pitch for drainage is incorrect, this could cause foundation damage to your home leaving a very costly bill.

When you do hire a professional landscaper, they should understand all the techniques to avoid these kinds of situations. But please make sure you get references and do some checking on their other completed projects. You should rest assured that they will make all the appropriate choices. We are talking about your home here and you need to protect her and keep her safe. You should also be able to tell them exactly what you want, and they will be able to tell you if that is attainable. If it is not, they are the best person you can go to for a variety of other ideas.

Whatever route you decide to take, just make sure that your end result is spectacular and that is will be something you will enjoy for a long, long time!

Question: Jimmie, we have recently inherited property that was my mother’s in Celina. Her favorite tree was by her kitchen window where she had breakfast every morning. I have absolutely no idea the name of it but hopefully you received the pictures I sent you to help us identify it. It breaks my heart that it seems to be struggling now that we live here! I hope I have not neglected it to the point that we could lose it!! Please help if you are able. You were recommended to us by several good friends and our Church Pastor. Thank you so much! Sarah L. in Celina

Answer: Hello Sarah! Yes, I did receive your email and your pictures of your mom’s favorite tree! It is an Oklahoma Redbud Tree. It has been set back by the onset of Scale fungus on the trunks causing it to slowly decline. The good news is that this is the time of year for the CURE! You will need to simply spray a good name brand Dormant Oil all over the trunks while it is in its dormant phase and that will eliminate what is harming it. (Email me for brand names to look out for or we can help you if you need) Once that step is complete wait about 30-60 days and feed to encourage new growth in the spring! Mom’s favorite tree will be thriving again in no time!!

Question: Jimmie, I love gardening! It seems to be one of the few therapeutic things I can do to relax from my workweek! I was exposed to it at a young age through my grandmother. I have really wanted to plant some fresh flowers because I remember my Nana and me as a little girl planting every holiday when I was able to visit her. I need your help in knowing what kind of flowers are there in the winter to plant? I would love to get my children involved in this with me! Their priorities right now seem to be FORTNITE and staying inside constantly. Please help me know what to buy. Thank You for your time writing these columns I know many people who enjoy them! Savannah S. in Celina

Answer: Hi Savannah! Oh, the fond memories of our youth! Lot to be said for simple right? FORTNITE… where have I heard that before? Lol…Yes, I think most households would love to have kids involved in more outdoor fun activities! And if you can beautify the property at the same time, even better! This time of year, you will want to plant Pansies, Violas, Decorative Cabbage, Decorative Kale, Swiss Chard and Cyclamen if you don’t mind covering it when it freezes. If not, stay away from the Cyclamen. Here’s to the latest FORTNITE SKIN and hopefully kids not spending all the allowances on V BUCKS! How on earth do I know these terms?? We all deal with the same stuff, haha! Until next time…Happy New Year!!


Send your landscaping and gardening questions to Jimmie Gibson Jr. at http://www.absolutelybushedlandscaping.com or jimmie@absolutelybushed.com

Jimmie is a Prosper resident and the owner of Absolutely Bushed Landscaping Company, an award winning, family and veteran owned and operated business created in 1980 to provide the highest quality custom Outdoor Renovation available to homeowners in the Dallas Ft. Worth area.

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