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New Year, New Decade!

by Heather Reynolds

Wow, wow, WOW! Who can even believe that not only did we just blow through another year – but that we began a brand-new decade? 2020…just unbelievable. And seriously, how is it even possible that the 80’s were FORTY years ago – that’s the true craziness of it. And yet, here we are. The year 2020. We’re about to make this new year and this new decade incredible.

We did something a little bit different this year. We always set goals for ourselves for the new year…but this year we included our kids. We all sat down together and wrote down our goals for ways that we can be better in 2020 – ways that we could improve ourselves, our finances and ways to be better at our jobs (or school for the kids). We said them out loud to make them REAL and we promised to hold each other accountable. Y’all…they blew us away with their thoughtfulness in their goalsetting. It’s amazing what they can do when given the opportunity. We’ll be putting our goals away with our Christmas decorations this month – and cannot wait to unload them in November to see how many things we’ve achieved as a family!

As we think back on what the last decade brought to our community, we are truly amazed. We’ve been here for right at 10 years and the growth that our town and our district has experienced is amazing. We’ve seen Preston Road, First Street, Coit and Prosper Trail go from 2 lane blacktop roads into divided roadways with stoplights. Our student population has TRIPLED. We opened our first grocery store – and then our second. Our first car dealership…our first retail shopping center…and our beautiful TOWN HALL. Our eating establishments are now plentiful – as well as our new school campuses. Multiple story office buildings, urgent care facilities and our state of the art FOOTBALL STADIUM!! So many changes for our little town in the last 10 years…and we’re just getting started!! We hope you’ll join us for the next 10 in continuing to make Prosper the Place Where Everyone Matters!

Blessings to our Prosper families and here’s to a PROSPEROUS New Year!!

Jason & Heather Reynolds, Publishers

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