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Six Scouts from Gunter Earn the Prestigious Eagle Scout Honor

by Heather Reynolds

It was a special day in Gunter as 6 scouts from Gunter Boy Scout Troop 3 earned the prestigious Eagle Scout Honors. Congratulations to Sam Cole, Sam Erwin, Jake Seiberling, Penn Seiberling, Matthew Watson, and Mathan Harvey! We are so proud!

The final step in the process of earning the award is completing a service project, of which the boys’ projects were: Sam Cole – picnic tables for the Gunter High School Baseball Field; Sam Erwin – food donation bin for the Gunter Community Food Pantry; Mathan Harvey – Gaga Ball Pit for First Baptist Church of Gunter, Jacob Seiberling – Weather Station for Gunter Elementary, Penn Seiberling – picnic tables for the Gunter High School Softball Field; and Matthew Watson – landscape and hardscape improvements for Holy Family Catholic Parish of Van Alstyne.

The fact that a boy is an Eagle Scout has always carried with it a special significance, not only in Scouting, but also for the young man as he enters higher education, business or industry, and community service. Only about five percent of all Scouts earn the rank of Eagle Scout. For Scoutmaster Sheila Riddle to see six of her scouts in just one year earn Eagle Rank in a troop with fewer than 15 scouts is remarkable, and speaks to the quality of the program and the dedication the scouts possess.

Sam Cole, Sam Erwin, Mathan Harvey and Jacob and Penn Seiberling are all juniors in high school who came up in scouting together starting in Cub Scouts. Matthew Watson, who is a senior, began his scouting career in Orlando, Florida, and joined up with the other scouts after his 2017 move to Gunter.

The six were honored at a Court of Honor ceremony today at Gunter High School. State Representative Reggie Smith was the featured speaker at the ceremony.

Photos and article courtesy of Gunter Independent School District’s Facebook page.

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