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Celina 2019 Annual Report Highlights Accomplishments

by Heather Reynolds

Report provides look into progress on two-year goals

Setting annual goals and objectives based on the expressed needs, aspirations, and hopes of a community can be an uplifting exercise, but if the subsequent documents become nothing more than dust-collectors on a shelf, the exercise can not only be meaningless, it can erode community confidence. That’s why Celina has steadfastly clung to an equivalent share of accountability when creating its goal-setting process, says City Manager Jason Laumer.

“Without placing accountability on an even plane with the other aspects of the goal-setting process, we have no way of measuring our progress or identifying areas for improvement,” he said. “We must constantly look at where we are, and what we need to do to get where we want to be. Being accountable for each of our goals is essential to our progress.”

Underscoring the City Manager’s sentiment, the City has recently unveiled the 2019 Annual Report, a public statement on the City’s goals and objectives, outlining the areas where progress toward the completion of goals has been accomplished, as well as those areas where further work is needed. The 2019 City of Celina Annual Report is now available on the City’s website at: https://www.celina-tx.gov/1310/Annual-Reports.

The report provides a snapshot of the City’s demographic profile, giving viewers a glimpse into the City’s population breakdown as well as a review of progress on the City’s current capital improvement projects, its budget, and a historical review of the number of single family home permits issued, which is a reliable barometer on growth and development.
The bulk of the report, however, is a compendium of the accomplishments and remaining tasks related to the 10 City of Celina two-year goals.

“The annual report is basically a way for us to share our goals, objectives and vision,” said Laumer. “Just as importantly, though, the report is a way for us to hold ourselves accountable to what we said we would do. We want to be sure we are moving in a positive direction on our goals for the City, and the annual report provides a way for us to measure our progress. Printed versions of the report are available from City Hall.

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