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What Animal Prints are Trending this Spring?

by Heather Reynolds

They’re daring, elegant and instant style-makers. Animal prints might be very in this season, but they’re also a timeless fashion staple. The best thing about prints? They’re entirely man-made, so they’re also an animal-friendly choice. Since we don’t see them going anywhere anytime soon, we’re giving you a timely fashion brief for your styling convenience.


The feline family includes a wide array of species, but only three of them are actively strutting the runway. While these prints are similar in appearance and can be styled in the same way, they do have some distinctive differences:

  • Leopard Print: Black “rosette” spots made of thick-edged circles with a clean center
  • Jaguar Print: Black “dirty rosette” spots, so-called because of the thick-edged circles with tiny spots in the center
  • Cheetah Print: Thick, solid black dots

Get spotted in a leopard-print dress and finish with sleek, black accessories for an elegant approach; or, leverage your LBD with a structured cheetah-printed satchel. Cat-inspired prints also look extra chic on a slinky midi skirt paired with a mustard pullover and ankle booties…Did someone say desk-to-dinner?

Stylist Tip: Take your fashion game to the next level by pairing your animal print with a faux-fur coat or a sherpa-trimmed jacket—or get an animal-print coat to jazz up any outfit.


Take it from the masters of renovation: adding a snakeskin pattern (or texture) can elevate your closet from rattled to renewed in no time. Slide into the trend with snakeskin-print booties to anchor your trusty work look. Feeling bold? Then snakeskin-print pants should be next on your list. Pair them with colored shoes and layers for an instant upgrade.

Stylist Tip: Animal prints get along with other prints. As long as the prints are different in size, try your animal prints with plaid, stripes or moody florals.


When it comes to how many animal-printed pieces to add to your wardrobe, it depends on your personal style—and how obsessed you are with the print, naturally. Whether you’re making it the main feature or just adding a touch, stick to one animal-printed piece to avoid overwhelming your outfit.

Embrace the Trend

Invest in core pieces that will be the center of your looks. To get started, choose one animal-print bottom piece (pants, jeans, leggings or a skirt), one top piece (blouse, knit top or sweater) and one layering option (cardigan, jacket or coat). You’ll want to create separate looks around each one of these pieces…all at once can be a bit much! Need a little nudge? Start out with a deceptively easy dress.

Test the Print

Treat yourself with finishing pieces to sprinkle on your outfits. Try printed accessories such as belts, bags and shoes to mix up your daily looks. These are easy to blend into any wardrobe and add a sophisticated finishing touch when you’re on the run and need a quick fix.

Not just runway favorites but also stars on film sets, animal prints have made a long-lasting impression across the fashion industry board. They may have wild origins, but play well with others, thus lending themselves to endless styling possibilities.

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