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Community Engagement in North Texas: Physically separated, but socially together

by Heather Reynolds

In this unprecedented time, local communities are doing everything they can to help North Texas families adjust to the new normal. Between work, homeschooling their children, and worrying about the pandemic, planning family activities can be too much for many parents. At one of the fastest growing communities in our region, Light Farms has planned six virtual events during the month of April to keep residents physically separated, but socially together.

Here’s more about the planned virtual events for the residents of Light Farms.

Coloring Sheet:

Last week, residents of all ages were encouraged to take a break from their schoolwork or workday and show their love for the Light Farms community by coloring in a picture of the Light Farms entrance. Residents were encouraged to upload of photo of the completed drawing into a community album and share their artwork with their neighbors. Attached are a few drawings completed by Light Farms residents. 

Easter Egg Art:

Easter was still a community event this year at Light Farms. Residents were able to follow a step-by-step video for making large watercolor Easter eggs, with fun tips and tricks from a professional artist. No watercolors, no problem: families could also use markers, crayons or colored pencils. Residents were encouraged to share their creations and upload their finished work in a neighborhood album.

Spring Decluttering/Cleaning:

What a perfect time for spring cleaning! This week, residents will learn some new tips and tricks from an organizational specialist, courtesy of Light Farms.

Story Time:

This Light Farms community favorite is back! Our storyteller will read to our residents via livestream or a video.

Texas Storm Chasers:

Residents of all ages will enjoy a new Texas Storm Chasers video! This video for Light Farms will take a look on upcoming spring weather in the surrounding area.

Creature Teacher:

The creature teacher is coming back to Light Farms! A favorite of both kids and adults, the teacher comes with many animals and deep knowledge. She will be doing a video specifically for Light Farms during the last week of April!

Light Farms is actively seeking out new and fun ways to keep families engaged during this unprecedented time. And despite the crisis at hand, the community is continuing to bring new families in to the neighborhood, virtually. In the first quarter of 2020, Light Farms has sold over 100 homes which is a 100% increase over the same time frame in 2019. Light Farms will continue connecting with their residents through virtual events until the community can reunite at the neighborhood pools, parks, and The Nook restaurant.

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