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New Organizational Chart Highlights City Responsiveness

by Heather Reynolds

Engineering Director Elevated to New Cabinet Position

As the City of Celina continues its steady rate of expansive growth and forward progress, officials are ensuring that the City’s staff structure keeps consistent pace by creating an organizational alignment designed to be responsive, agile, and adaptable.

“Responding to the service demands from our residents, visitors, business owners, development partners, and other stakeholders means that our organization has to be receptive, responsive, and flexible,” says City Manager Jason Laumer. “That means that our organizational structure must work to facilitate those attributes, driving decision-making horizontally across the organization rather than vertically.”

Flattening the organization to achieve agility and responsiveness is among the reasons the City has rolled out a new organizational chart that drives decision-making, responsibility, and accountability outward.

The new lineup provides the City Manager with an executive management cabinet of five individuals, each with specific responsibilities within the organization. Assistant City Manager Karla Stovall has overall responsibility for internal services such as Finance, Human Resources, Utility Billing, Information Technology, Marketing and Communications, and Municipal Court. When required, she also steps in as acting City Manager.

Police Chief Tony Griggs and Fire Chief Mark Metdker oversee their respective public safety services and Dusty McAfee manages the Development Services function.

Rounding out the executive management group is Kimberly Brawner, newly named as Executive Director of Public Services. The recently created position assigns Brawner responsibility over Engineering, Public Works, Parks, and the Celina Public Library. In all, she provides direction and leadership to over 50 employees.

Additionally, a portion of her time will be devoted to assisting the City Manager in implementing the critically important Celina City Council Strategic Goals.

Prior to her new assignment, Brawner was Director of Engineering for the City. In addition to Celina, she has over her 18-year municipal government career, worked for the Cities of Lubbock, Carrollton, Frisco, and the Town of Little Elm. She also worked as a transportation engineer in the private sector for eight years.

A member of the Institute of Transportation Engineers and American Society of Civil Engineers, she holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Engineering from Texas Tech University. She is a Professional Transportation Operations Engineer and a Certified Flood Plain Manager.

“Kim brings a wealth of experience to the new position, and we’re very fortunate to have her on the team,” said Laumer.

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