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Welcome Back: Celina Connected

by Heather Reynolds

Dear Bobcat Parents,

The fall of every school year is a time of new beginnings, new friendships, new growth, and new opportunities. This year, though, it feels even more special to say, “Welcome back!” We have missed our kids, we have missed our families, and we are eager to get back to learning.

The City of Celina’s motto is, “Life Connected,” which serves to celebrate the personal connections and infrastructures that have established the identity of our community. Strong schools and strong communities are often mutually inclusive, and it is with a nod to our great partnership with the city that Celina ISD has adopted “Celina Connected” for this year’s theme.

We are eager to enhance the connections that are so important to the success of our kids. True connection is about genuine human interaction and a commitment to mutual understanding, empathetic relationships, and protecting our common interests. In short, true connection is about taking care of one another. Perhaps like no other year in our lifetimes, we need this genuine human connection to ensure that a health crisis does not become a generational education crisis.

As we partner with our families for the success of our kids, we’re also celebrating a connection with Celina ISD’s storied successes of the past. This year marks the 100-year anniversary of the Celina Bobcat name. Stepping forward into the next centennial of Bobcat lore, new opportunities and new beginnings allow us to continue “Paving The Way For Our Future” while honoring and enhancing the traditions and genuine relationships that make Celina ISD great.

To you, our partners for our kids’ success, please remember throughout this year, our teachers are faced with an enormous task. Student safety has been and will always be a priority. In addition to maintaining this priority, our teachers will be monitoring the health of their students and colleagues while also providing highly engaging and rigorous learning for both virtual and in-person learners. I know I speak for our entire school district when I say thank you for your patience and support. Again, true connection is about taking care of one another, and we all need that—perhaps now, more than ever.


Tom Maglisceau

Superintendent, Celina ISD

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