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Celina Connected is about Taking Care of One Another

by Heather Reynolds

Our theme this year is “Celina Connected,” which speaks to our connections within our relationships and our commitment to supporting one another. As our staff began connecting with both their in-person and virtual students this year, a new sense of community began to develop.

We all knew this year, more than any other school year, would be an extremely unique return to school, and our community has been so supportive of one another as colleagues, classmates, and families worked through new problems. Our city leaders have also stepped in to help serve our schools and our teachers. When repeated internet and power outages in the city impacted our campuses, Mayor Sean Terry, and City Manager Jason Laumer, immediately assembled their troops to reconnect our virtual students to their teachers and classmates. Celina Connected indeed!

As we have stated in previous communications to our parents, the district is committed to providing a campus environment that follows all safety protocols for the health of our students and faculty. In addition to the many procedures in place on each of our campuses, our buildings receive extensive cleaning throughout each day and overnight. While these protocols and procedures are effective, they cannot completely stop the spread of the COVID virus, and we have already had active cases on several campuses. Our nursing staff continues to follow guidelines set by the state and reports all positive cases as they are confirmed to our district. As part of our commitment to clear communication with our families, the district has added a “COVID-19 Dashboard” to our website, which includes updated counts of active cases at each campus. The dashboard will be updated often as new active cases emerge.

Heading into allergy and flu seasons, and as general illnesses occur, we know that more and more students will likely have to remain home due to COVID-like symptoms. We recognize the negative impact this can have on a family, but we are committed to following the guidelines of state and local health agencies to maximize the safety of all students and staff. We appreciate our families monitoring the health of their children and keeping students home if they are experiencing illnesses that can affect other students. All the protocols and procedures implemented within our schools are for naught unless we work together and do all we can to keep illnesses from ever coming into our schools.

Celina ISD and the City of Celina have a long history of persevering through whatever has come our way and seeing not the problem before us but seeing instead the opportunity. What has always been a strength for our city and our district is the greatest calling in our “Celina Connected” theme: True connection is about taking care of one another.


Tom Maglisceau, Superintendent

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