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Celina Speaks and the City Listens

by Heather Reynolds

The City of Celina, TX, launched the 2020 Community Survey on May 28, 2020, through June 25, 2020. The results are in, and all signs indicate that the City is listening to its residents.

  • 1,309 Responses (6.1% of Estimated 2020 Population)
  •  4 Weeks (5/27/2020-6/25/2020) 
  • 15 Questions 
  • Averaged 7 Minutes to Complete 

The Community Survey had a phenomenal response rate, with more than three times a healthy minimum for a city and 550 more responses than the 2018 survey. The survey asked the community for their thoughts and opinions of current events, trends, and happenings within Celina. Overall the Survey respondents are pleased with the current economic development and planning efforts in Celina, especially in regards to downtown and the support of local businesses. There is an interest in seeing the City continue to explore additional opportunities to strengthen downtown, expand parks and recreation amenities, and improve infrastructure. Respondents also feel Celina embraces a strong sense of community with a small-town feel. Weaknesses and threats related to fears of losing the sense of community and rural character with rapid and unplanned growth.

Celina performs a community survey every couple of years. The purpose of the survey is to understand residents’ demographic makeup, measure progress, identify priorities, plan for the future, and, most importantly, listen to understand.  

Celina’s past performance indicates that they respond quickly to the feedback. The 2018 data showed the City’s opportunity areas to be clear transparency around the downtown area’s development and communications. With this in mind, the City went to work and delivered the Celina Downtown Master Plan in under one year. Additionally, adding consistent communication with residents across Facebook, newsletters, the city website, text messages, and signage in the community, communication, transparency, and engagement went from a top-ten weakness in 2019 to a top 5 strength in 2020.

The City’s top strengths for the 2020 survey included the Downtown Square, Serving as a Community Information and Resource Center, (21% increase in satisfaction) Communication & Engagement, and Events & Activities. Among the City’s opportunity areas were Infrastructure (comments indicate a concern around the fast growth and the City’s ability to keep up), preserving the history and heritage, and Parks & Recreation (most notably, the need for more). In a statement from City Manager, Jason Laumer, he said, “The City is continuously incorporating our rich history and heritage as we strive to further push our City forward. We are already beginning to address some of the infrastructure concerns. For example, Frontier Parkway improvements include reconstruction from the Dallas North Tollway to Preston road. Plans include a four-lane divided highway with a bridge over the railroad tracks. Construction will begin in early 2021 and should take approximately two years.”

“The City is undergoing tremendous growth.” said Mayor Sean Terry. “We are excited to continue to bring growth in the fastest and most effective way possible. While we will take swift and coordinated action to make our vision a reality, we must pause long enough to hear our community’s voice. The 2020 survey shows that we are making significant progress, and we still have some challenges ahead. We will continue to drive the vision of Celina becoming a destination. We truly value the community’s participation in this survey.”  

To view the complete 2020 survey, visit: https://www.celina-tx.gov/1228/Community-Survey.

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