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Celina ISD News: Celebrating the End of the School Year

by Heather Reynolds

As I watched the “Class of 2033” graduate kindergarten at Celina Primary School, I smiled as several kids announced they plan to be “YouTubers” when they grow up. I wondered then, what will our community look like in twelve years? Heck, what will the world be like twelve years from now? There is such a vast world of possibilities between now and the “Class of 2033’s” senior year, and truly the ups and downs of this past school year have made that abundantly clear.

During the spring, it is not uncommon to experience many more days of rain than sunshine, which makes having outdoor events questionable. The CHS Graduation ceremony originally scheduled for Bobcat Field was moved to the Rock Hill High School Arena to allow for families to continue their after graduation plans without being tethered to a weather app. As we looked upon the faces of those graduating, perhaps you also felt the sheer culmination of what must surely be the shortest-longest year any of us ever experienced. And leave it to the top two students in the class to sum up everything we’d need to know about life: Salutatorian Angela Stalcup championed us to go and do what makes each one of us happy, while Valedictorian Ashlyn Vana reminded us that we never need to feel alone and that our responsibility is to live this truth so that everyone around us also knows this truth.

Graduation certainly serves as an annual reminder to us all for how important our work is in Celina ISD, and it is equally important to celebrate the wonderful educators who support our students all along the way. During a special ceremony held at the end of May for CISD faculty and staff, we celebrated Bobcats who have served for twenty or more years with the district. We also recognized our Teacher and Paraprofessionals of the Year and honored thirteen staff members who will be embarking on their new career…retirement! The Celina Education Foundation Board reviewed essays written by each of our six teachers of the year and chose Celina Middle School History Teacher Chris Oldham as the District Teacher of the Year. We thank the Celina Education Foundation for celebrating each of our campus Teachers of the Year and for their honorarium of $500 to Mr. Oldham in recognition of his dedication to inspire, equip, and empower all students to succeed.

I ask you to join me in thanking our faculty and staff for loving our kids and driving the rigor this year. From day one, our community wanted our kids back in school and from that day forward our families and staff supported one another and made sure that our kids could continue learning in person. Why? Because in Celina ISD we do what we love, we stand by each other, and we make sure none of us has to feel that he or she is alone. That’s how we made it through this year, and that is how we will make it through every year–for the next twelve years forward, and beyond.

Have a great summer, and we will see all of you in August!

Dr. Tom Maglisceau,

Superintendent of Schools, Celina ISD

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