by Heather Reynolds


There is a reason why professional athletes and CEOs call the North Texas area “home.” Those who have a choice of where they want to live and work choose North Texas, and advertisers craving brand recognition and loyalty amongst this market choose Life & Luxury Magazines to promote their brand.

Our readers are college educated, loyal and family focused. Their decisions are based on not only what is best for their well-being, but what is best for their community. When surveyed, over 89% said that they trusted the advertisers in their local community magazine over online reviews. You can feel confident that your advertising dollars will not go to waste with Live & Luxury Magazine…our brand has years of experience in local communities. We know what the readers want and how to make your marketing work!


When it comes to advertising, the opportunities are plentiful. There are digital marketing tactics, social media marketing options and a variety of print options – the most effective of which are locally specialized community publications.

A Nielsen study found that every $1 spent on magazine ads generated more than $3.50 in consumer purchases for all industry types. What does this mean? Simply that by selecting the right magazine, you can extend your reach and generate a huge return for your business. While digital ads have become extremely refined and relevant in targeting your audience, PRINT ADS improve your brand metrics and improve sales. It’s much easier to tune out digital ads, but the print experience lends itself well to driving more comprehension and brand recall. And in community magazines, readership crosses platforms with digital and social media platforms. This means that when you advertise in these publications, you get the power of print and a layer of additional digital elements!

Native advertising is an intelligent and engaging way to advertise within these community magazines. It’s a less-obtrusive way to promote your business or services by pairing it with informative, well-written content that will appeal to your target audience. In our magazines, native ads are a less-interruptive form of advertising. We offer these editorial opportunities as a means to appeal to our readers and to help grow your business. The bottom line is this…the data shows that the benefits to advertising in community magazines are plentiful and proven!


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