by Heather Reynolds
Gunter's Person of the Year

We are so excited to announce our very first Gunter Person of the Year!! There are so many people in Gunter that are deserving of recognition – and we wanted this recognition to be a true representation of what the Gunter community believes this person personifies. So, we asked y’all to nominate your favorite Gunter resident and to tell us WHY you believe they are deserving of this honor. We received tons of responses and narrowed down the nominees for our inaugural year of the Gunter Person of the Year award. We then asked y’all to vote for your favorites…and we received THOUSANDS of votes!! Our selection committee then read through the nomination reasons, looked at the online voting results and read through the nominees’ answers to our questionnaire to select this year’s winner. Due to the pool of amazing nominees, the selection committee had their work cut out for them…but we are pleased to announce this year’s winner…Mr. Lynn Reed!!


After attending Kindergarten through 12th grade in Gunter, Lynn graduated from Gunter High School in 1993. His dad, Ralph Reed, graduated from Gunter High School in 1969. His grandfather moved to Gunter in 1950 when his father was just 6 weeks old. The Reed family goes back to at least the 1920’s in Gunter and he is very proud of his heritage. He told us that hearsay is that there were enough Reed’s in Gunter in the 20’s to make up their own baseball team!  

He currently serves on the Gunter ISD school board of trustees and the Tarleton State University Alumni Board of Directors. He graduated from Tarleton in 1997. His lovely bride of nearly 12 years is Cookie Reed and together they have four kids that they blended together when they married in 2008 – Jake Fanning, Ryan Reed, Peyton Fanning and Phoebe Fanning. Phoebe is currently a junior at Gunter High School, and their other three have already graduated from Gunter. Jake lives and works in Fayetteville.  Ryan is a sophomore at Texas State and Peyton is a Freshman at Tarleton State. Lynn’s mother, father, sister and countless aunts, uncles and cousins live in Gunter!

We asked Lynn what he loved most about Gunter and what he thought made the community unique. “I LOVE that Gunter is my home. I love the way the T is silent. You can always tell a “local” by the way they pronounce Gunter. I love the way we are small but mighty. We support one another at a level that larger towns are not able to match. And I love that when I tell folks I live in Gunter that they are envious and want to live here! Gunter is full of grit. When folks ask where I am from, I am proud to say Gunter, Texas. Because if they have heard of Gunter, they know that we are special here.”

When asked what his vision for Gunter is, he had this to say: “I have a mortgage office in Prosper. I have watched Prosper grow rapidly for the past 5 years. Gunter will grow at that pace in due time. My vision for Gunter is to keep that small town feel that keeps us unique. I serve on the school board because I believe I can help Gunter control the growth vs the growth controlling us.”

And when we asked him how he felt when he heard the news about his nomination, he answered us in his truly humble fashion. “I was giddy. Overwhelmed with pride and joy. Humbled and excited. With all my family and friends in Gunter it would probably be the greatest honor and award I have ever had to be named Gunter Person of the Year. Being nominated is a win in itself, but being Gunter Person of the Year would mean more to me than pretty much anyone in Gunter!!! My roots are deep, and my love is strong.” Well, congratulations Mr. Reed – we are thrilled to bestow the honor upon YOU in our inaugural year. We couldn’t be happier and more excited for you – and thank you for your lifetime of commitment to Gunter and for your service to our wonderful community!!


Mitzi Nelson:

There are so many essential people in Gunter that make a difference to the community every day. I chose Mitzi because of her dedication not only at her children center, Funovation Station, and her speech pathology practice, Tiger Speech Therapy, but also her work with the Gunter Schools. She is also very involved with the Jr FFA program in Gunter. She is one of the friendliest, humble people I have met and does what she can to help others. I have worked with her on a professional level and interacted with her on a personal level. I have always been very impressed by her professionalism, attention to kids’ development and her need to help the community.

Kyle Rigsby:

He has three amazing athlete sons going or have gone to Gunter. He coached football for several years. He never misses a game and if able, he goes to all athletic events. He is a great role model and a Christian man.

Lynn Reed:

He is committed to keeping the vision for a strong close-knit family community. Born and raised in Gunter and newest member of the school board, Lynn has taken this role with such enthusiasm and passion. His drive to continue to keep the small-town values while transitioning to the growth that is coming, is inspiring. He always has a smile and a kind word for all.

Jake Fieszel:

His effective leadership, dedication, pride, and example has such a positive effect on so many; especially the youth of our community.

Lisa Marks:

She gives 110% of herself to our community, our kids, and her family!! Somehow, some way, she’s literally involved in every aspect of our schools. From art, to PTO, to GIFT, to FFA, to sports programs!! If she knows your child, she’s there in every possible way to support your child!!

Cody Stovall:

Cody has put his whole heart into the youth sports of Gunter. He has had a lot of pushback from certain groups and people, but his intentions are always to better our kids. He did a great job fixing the baseball fields and worked tirelessly to do it on his own dime. Cheers to Cody!

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